Poem: Curiosity

A child's curiosity is an amazing thing that should be cherished and encouraged.

By Moriah Holland February 26, 2023

Curiosity is a spark in the eye, 

A flame that burns both bright and high,

 A force that drives the young and old,

 A hunger that can't be bought or sold.

It's what propels the child to learn, 

To seek out knowledge and to yearn,

 To ask the questions no one can, 

To grasp the mysteries of man.

With open minds and open hearts,

 They venture out to all the parts

 Of the world, both near and far, 

To find out who and what we are.

They're not content with what they're told,

 Or with the stories that unfold,

 For they know there's always more,

 A never-ending world to explore.

And so they ask, and so they seek, 

With every answer, new questions leak, 

And in the end, they'll come to find, 

The beauty in the curious mind.

For it's through curiosity that we grow, 

That we come to see what we don't know,

 That we discover what's hidden deep, 

And find the secrets that we seek.

So let the child within you thrive,

 And keep that spark of curiosity alive, 

For in the end, it's what will lead, 

To all the wonders that we need.